Services Provided by the Center

a) To provide product design, product identity, corporate identity creation, and design services directly to the industry,

b) Providing consultancy services on product design processes, researching and developing applications for process improvement, making all kinds of physical products within the possibilities, product analysis, and simulation,

c) To provide training to the industry and relevant sector stakeholders, upon request, on topics such as product design, design thinking, design process and management, three-dimensional drawing,

ç) To carry out research to create and develop product design awareness in the industry and related sectors, to regularly present the research results to the Turkish industry and relevant stakeholders,

d) Contributing to undergraduate, especially postgraduate education and training research instructors within the scope of joint studies with the industry,

e) To provide industrial design and corporate identity design services to various units of the university,

f) To carry out joint projects with the media and broadcasting world,

g) To carry out other activities to be determined by the Rectorate and the Board of Directors.

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