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Gazi University Design Application and Research Center, which adopts the principle of maximizing social contribution by integrating education and research outputs, is a multi-disciplinary and solution-oriented research center that will create added value for the regional and national economy and contribute to universal science in the context of its national and international effectiveness, awareness and acceptability and considers developing and strengthening its programs as its primary goal.


To contribute to our center region and country, the Center aims to add universal value to the field of design, and science and art in general, by carrying out high-tech design and innovation activities. On this occasion, the Center aims to contribute to the goal of a new generation university that implements and develops entrepreneurship projects that will provide social transformation, including the society it is in, by carrying out research and good practices in the fields of R&D, design, innovation, which it believes to have a high social contribution. Our Center prioritizes active cooperation with local governments, development agencies, ministries, and non-governmental organizations while performing its contribution to society.


In this context,

Ensuring the introduction of the concept of design, raising awareness
Creating and implementing design solutions that will increase social welfare at the national and international levels,
Supporting design-based sustainability studies that will ensure the efficient use of country resources,
Ensuring that people who think design-oriented and are open to societal developments are defined targets.






Project Name

Project Officer

Project Document

Gazi University Quality Improvement Plan TIF.22: Taking into account the effects of climate change, exemplary activities that will contribute to the society, especially regarding energy efficiency, recycling and nature protection.

Household Oil Trap Project


Prof. Dr. Serkan Güneş



Project 1

Gazi University Quality Improvement Plan TIF.20: Increasing the number of projects for disadvantaged groups.

Aid Packages Project


Sahsenem Göksu Göktürk

Selınay Sahınkaya

Zehra Nur Atık Göç

Gülçehre Özdemır



Project 2

Gazi University Quality Improvement Plan TIF.20: Increasing the number of projects for disadvantaged groups.

Metro Station Process Design for Visually Impaired Individuals


Aleyna Duman

Melisa Saygun

Yasemin Çabuk

Nur Sena Selek

Esra Rukşen Güllü

Ufuk Gündoğdu

Süleyman Özkıran

Güzide Güzelbey

Sema Nur Yıldırım



Project 3

Gazi University Quality Improvement Planı

TIF.20: Increasing the number of projects for disadvantaged groups.

Phrygian Themed Playground Project


Tugçegül Ülker

Pelda Dönmez

Mısra Ergıyen

Emet Esma Küçükduran



Project 4

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